Maharashtra state common entrance test (MHCET )

Maharashtra state common entrance test (MHCET ) :- There is great opposition to a common entrance test (CET ) proposed for the recruitment of teachers in public and private schools . The Maharashtra state government is under pressure to abandon his plan. On June 25 , the government had given approval in principle a proposal to make it mandatory for all teachers who aspire to eliminate CET . Maharashtra state common entrance test (MHCET )
The proposal is to make the selection process more transparent. However, government sources said several barons of education, including politicians in state government , had recently met with Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and requested the reopening of the decision in its entirety . The leader of the PNC had done together ' s announcement today, along with the Minister of State for School Education Fauzia Khan. Maharashtra state common entrance test (MHCET 2014 Results)

"There is great pressure on him ( Pawar ) of private pressure groups and in one of the meetings he had also confessed to being addressed by politicians urge you to withdraw the proposal together," said a government official involved in the process in course of which the place . It was essential to have an entrance examination in view of the allegations of negligence in the existing provision for the selection and pre-selection of teachers. From now on , a teacher has to break a Diploma of Education ( DED ) or a degree in education ( B ) to get a job . But the process is vague and largely controlled by the institutions , leaving room for resellers and fraudsters to flourish. According to an estimate , about 20,000 teachers are selected each year in the state , many of them have to pay a bribe to get a job with payment. " Assuming that most of them pay anywhere between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh as a bribe , is an industry of Rs 2,000 crore . This makes the " big bets " , an official said . Maharashtra state common entrance test (MHCET 2014)

The new system will be in addition to the existing teacher eligibility test (TET ) was necessary, in accordance with the provisions laid down by law to act Education ( RTE ) . A detailed proposal does not pass to the State Cabinet for approval. The TET has already been applied in many states under the RTE guidelines and too Maharashtra has started the process . The CET shall enter into force after the " adoption of a closet. Pawar said the CET will make the selection process more transparent and competitive and currently several candidates feel they have denied a clear chance to be a teacher. Maharashtra state common entrance test (MHCET  Jobs 2014)


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